Monday, November 2, 2009

More Christmas Cards

These four Christmas cards are the last of the Accessorry Challenge from Hero Arts. After I finished making these cards I told my husband that I wasn't making any more Christmas cards. Well, I was wrong because last weeks challenge was the theme "simpleholiday". So, needless to say, I made ten more christmas cards. (The newest cards are not up on my blog yet, but will be soon.) I did enjoy making these cards and now I am going to have a hard time deciding which person will get what card. The red card with the white trees originally went in the trach when I finished stamping it. At first I did not like it, but when I got to thinking about what I could do to improve the card I decided to dig it out of the trash and do one more thing to it. The "one more thing" that I did to this card was to add ribbon and a tag. This card did not win, but I did get a lot of compliments on it.

The rate that I am going I will have enough Christmas cards to last for a few years and I won't need to make any for a few years. But, I probably will still make more cards because I love making cards and it is fun.


Pam said...

Wowsers! All I can say is that your card making is most definitely putting my abilites to shame! And you say you're not talented??? HA! These are right up there with the best of them!! Way to go on such gorgeous cards!!!

Kathy said...

Beautiful collection of cards...each one is unique and special :)

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Gorgeous Cards! Wow - I haven't even started... luckily - you are making me want to start - and, well - that's a good start! LOL!